Cucumber Reports

Publish and share your reports straight from Cucumber Open


Cucumber-Ruby >= 6.1.0


cucumber --publish

Cucumber-JVM >= 6.10.4

# src/test/resources/


Cucumber.js >= 7.3.0


cucumber-js --publish

Frequently asked questions

Which Cucumber versions are supported?

Cucumber-Ruby from version 6.1.0, Cucumber-JVM from version 6.10.4 and Cucumber.js from version 7.3.0.

Who can access the reports?

Anyone who has the link.

Can I restrict access to a report?

Soon. Restricted access is coming.

Can I delete a report?

Yes, you can use the delete button.

What if I forget to delete a report with sensitive data?

Reports are automatically deleted 24 hours after publication.

Can I keep a report for longer than 24 hours?

Soon. Reports with restricted access will be kept until you choose to delete them.

Can reports be published as part of Continuous Integration?

Absolutely! And if you do, the reports will link back to the GitHub commit and CI build. See the full list of Supported CI servers.

How do I request a new feature or report a bug?

Tweet us at @cucumberbdd or chat with us right here.

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